How to Treat Undereye Aging

There are several periorbital (around the eye) changes that can occur with age or that are anatomical and just make us look tired or unhealthy. I recommend investing in this area because it shows the first signs of aging. It’s also a really easy area to take of- if you take good care of your skin, wear eye cream and do a few preventive procedures you will be in really good shape. 

There are three area’s around the eyes that cause problems:

Under-eye: If people tell you you look tired often then this may be a trouble area for you. This discoloration may be a genetic or just a natural part of aging. Volume loss under the eye creates a hollow area that can easily be treated with a Teardrop filler- the tiniest amount can open up the eyes and make you look bright-eyed- no concealer needed. 

The dark shadows may also be a result of pigmentation. For an easy fix you can use a lightening agent to brighten up the area. Another option is a VBeam laser- typically clients need 3-5 treatments, spaced one month apart but the area gets lighter and brighter with each session. 

The final problem could be a texture irregularity, crepey skin under the eye is a result of loss of collagen and elastin. Lasers like Fraxel will awaken and stimulate collagen production.

The lateral aspect of the orbital is the location of crows feet or wrinkles. Botox for crows feet can go a long way in prevention and treatment. You will want your provider to do three injections- in separate sections to create a more natural look. 

Superior orbital is the eyelid area. As we age, that area gets heavy which causes some droopiness. There is an upper eyelid surgery that can eliminate the problem but if you would prefer a more minimally invasive procedure a Fraxel laser will stimulate collagen and tighten the lighter eye skin. The final option would be a thread lift- this is a string like filler that have a mechanical pulling effect.