Is Botox the Right Choice for You?

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Numerous people come to their local Newport Beach dermatology office hoping to regain their youthful looks and, in doing so, get an important boost in self-confidence and vitality. Facial rejuvenation is a common request, but prospective patients want to know more about the treatments they are about to receive. Many people come in asking Dr. Kappel if Botox is the solution to their areas of concern.

Those considering Botox from a dermatologist in Newport Beach must be 18 years old, not be pregnant, be in good physical health including being free from skin disorders, and not have any known allergies to Botox. Additionally, it is meant for people who are looking to reduce lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, and forehead. Botox tends to be most successful on people whose face has good symmetry and who have strong muscles in the targeted area.

Each patient is unique and your treatment will be individualized. One should meet with their dermatologist who is in good standing with the American Academy of Dermatology to discuss goals and what results they hope for following a Botox procedure is the best way to decide if it is right for you and what steps to take to achieve your personal goals. Of course, there are also other forms of cosmetic surgery that are available if there are other slight imperfections one would like to address. there are even other forms of facial rejuvenation available including dermal fillers.

Botox treats your wrinkles by blocking the nerves from sending impulses to your facial muscles. The result is relaxation of the muscles which smooths out the skin on top. Your Botox result last between three and four months. After that time has passed and you notice the results begin to fade, you can decide to return to your cosmetic surgeon for another treatment.

For the first four hours after the treatment you will be advised not to engage in strenuous activity or exercise, not to apply cosmetics to the treated area, and not to lie down flat. For the following 24 hours it is best not to massage the treated area and to avoid rubbing it in any way.

If you would like to learn more about facial rejuvenation and the way it can improve your self-confidence, contact Dr. Kappel’s office. From facial rejuvenation to lip injections in Newport Beach, Dr. Kappel and her staff will have you looking and feeling better all summer long. Call (949) 239-0494 to make an appointment or set up a consultation today.