Travel Skincare Advice from Orange County Dermatologist

As the holiday season is in full swing, many people love to spend time with family and friends. In many cases, this involves a certain amount of travel time. Whether you’re taking a plane, bus or train, there are some critical factors you’ll want to consider. They all involve your skin. Consider these skin care tips as you prepare to travel this season. 

1. Remain hydrated. 

Traveling to different temperatures and climates can wreak havoc on the skin. This is why hydration is essential. Hydration starts from the inside. Walk with a water bottle. There are many people who don’t like to drink a lot because they don’t want to use public restrooms. Instead, sip slowly. You won’t have to use the restroom as often, and your organs (skin is an organ) will remain adequately hydrated. 

2. Make good choices in food. 

dermatologist in Newport Beach recommends a few foods for healthy skin. They include avocados, seafood and sweet potatoes. If you’re on a layover in the airport, don’t opt for the quick burger. Instead, consider purchasing a large salad that’s filled with vegetables. Get a side of sweet potato fries instead of regular ones. Enjoy some guacamole with your chips instead of queso dip. Order grilled salmon instead of fried chicken. These foods are filled with life-giving nutrients that will enrich the health of your skin. 

3. Keep the skin moisturized. 

It’s especially important to keep your skin moisturized when you’re getting on a plane. Do your best to use different masks and hydrating treatments before you travel. Talk to your dermatologist Newport Beach in order to discover the best options for your specific skin care needs. Always use warm water instead of hot water to wash your face. Hot water will strip your skin of necessary oils. It’s also a great idea to walk with eye masks or face masks to apply during your downtime while you’re traveling. It might look a little strange to those in the same row as you. However, it’ll do wonders for preserving a healthy glow while you travel. 

As you indulge in food, fun and quality time with loved ones this season, don’t forget to indulge in the right skin care practices. It’s also a great idea to book an appointment with your dermatologist in Newport Beach. Whether you do it before or after your trip, it’s safe to say that Newport dermatology is a great investment to make in order to achieve the glowing skin you deserve.