Learn How You May Be (Unknowingly!) Giving Yourself Wrinkles

Facial wrinkles are an undeniable sign of aging that typically have men and women heading to the Newport dermatologyoffice looking for ways to rejuvenate their face. While this is perfectly acceptable, and a great way to look and feel younger, there are also a few simple lifestyle changes that could help you decrease the amount of wrinkles you have in the first place.

One way you could be inadvertently giving yourself wrinkles is by the way your sleep. Sleeping on your side may be comfortable, but pressing your face into a pillow all night can cause creases in your skin which could eventually become permanent. If you sleep on your side try using a softer, silk pillowcase or a pillow with memory foam to minimize the effects on your face. Also, if you wake up in the middle of the night, try flipping over and sleeping on the other side.

Drinking from straws is another factor that could contribute to wrinkles. When you suck in a drink through your straw you are forced to make a pouty face which could lead to wrinkles around the mouth. Instead, drink straight from your glass. Many bars and restaurants are beginning to phase out plastic straws anyway in an effort to help the environment.

Checking your smartphone could also be leading to wrinkles. When you bend your neck to look at your phone to text, play a game, or check social media, you create a double chin, causing wrinkles in your neck. Simply raising your phone to eye level instead of bending your neck could save you a trip to the Newport Beach dermatology office to treat neck wrinkles in the future.

Drinking alcohol, especially right before bed, can leave you dehydrated. Dehydrated skin leads to wrinkles, so rather than ending the night with a glass of wine, grab a hydrating glass of water as a nightcap.

Of course, wearing sunscreen to protect your skin and sunglasses to avoid squinting are classic pieces of advice when it comes to avoiding wrinkles. But, in Southern California the importance of protecting your skin from the sun cannot be overstated, especially in the summertime.

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