Why Your Moisturizer is Harming Your Skin

I would like to correct the misconception that oil and moisturizers containing oil are good for your skin. Moisturizers can even have a negative impact! The goal is hydration- the ability to have skin cells that are able to hold onto water. 

Hydration is different than moisturization. Skin hydrators are products that induce skin cells to hold onto water. 

If you put an oil based product on the skin, they penetrate to deeper layers and communicate to the deep skin layers that they are hydrated. This signals the deeper layers of skin cells to stop working which results in the skin cells getting lazy, they stop holding onto water and stop producing collagen and elastin. This leads to premature aging, uneven texture and tone, and inflammation. Because these layers think that they are hydrated, they stop communicating with other skin cells. 

To promote overall skin health, you need to help the skin cells to do the work themselves. I recommend products with Vitamin A, growth factors, and antioxidants that will kick skin cells into high gear to induce the natural regenerative processes. This will make skin healthy from the inside out. 

Good skin care products will make a hospitable environment for your skin cells to do what they were meant to, they promote a new, healthier generation. This will promote collagen and elastin production, and increase cellular turnover. When cellular turnover is improved, new, fresh cells replace the old skin cell layer that is dysfunctional and not communicating. 

One reason why your skin can be red and peely if you try a new product like retinol is that skin is eliminating the skin cells that are not being productive. By using this product and increasing the turnover, you will notice improved appearace of pores, and more even skin tone because melanin synthesis and distribution is improved.

One great example of this difference is the weather. In Hawaii there is a lot of moisture in the air and my skin feels incredible. If I was at altitude or in a dry climate like in Mammoth, my skin would be a lot more dry and irritated. 

Skincare products with Vitamin A derivatives like Retinol and Retin A, will make a big improvement in your skin. Vitamin A is crucial for all cells. Because it allows them to bind with water, so they go from raisins to grapes. These products help to promote the skin cells to bind with water, synthesize collagen and elastin production.